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Welcome to the Alphabet Prompt community. I know there's a few floating around, but I know I always have trouble finding an active one when I'm looking.

Rules are simple. This community is open to any and all fandoms/original fics. Multiple claims on a character/pairing/fandom are allowed; no two people can write exactly the same thing anyway. One person is also able to claim as many times as they want...as long as you think you can handle it. Drabbles, poems, oneshots and chapter fics all go, as long as it's one prompt per piece/chapter. Crossovers are fine, as are RPS/RPF and this is open to NC-17+ fics too, but make sure to warn appropriately.


1. Select a table (from here) and a claim, then copy and paste the chosen table onto your own journal and post the claim here. Remember to include your penname, the details of your claim (fandom, character/pairing/group of chars etc), table no. and the link to your table. For reference, "/" implies a pairing; "&" implies characters in a group.

2. Once I approve your claim(s), you're free to post. Please post each drabble/oneshot/chapter separately. It's easier to check that way. No friendlocking or linking entries please; just post them directly using the lj cut. Tag your fics with your username, fandom (if original, tag with "original", if RPS/RPF then please tag with "RP"), and characters and pairing you've claimed (if applicable), separated by commas. For example, the claim for Ron/Hermione in Harry Potter fandom from me would be tagged as "reafterthought, harry potter, ron weasley, hermione granger, ron/hermione".

3. Please display on your post, outside the lj cut: the title, rating, prompt number and name and (optional) a word count. And a disclaimer of course, unless it's original work.

4. Once you've completed all the prompts for your chosen table, please post here and I'll move you to the completed list.

5. Have fun.

Forbidden Claims/Posts

- any character or universe that the author doesn't want fanfics made for. If it's a fellow fanfic (or similar) writer, please ask their permission first

- any character/fandom bashing. We're all entitled to our own likes and dislikes and I trust you'll keep that in mind. That goes for other forms of bias as well.

- based off the work of the following authors:

Anne Rice
Archie comics
Dennis L. McKiernan
Irene Radford
J.R. Ward
Laurell K. Hamilton
Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb
P.N. Elrod
Raymond Feist
Robin Hobb
Robin McKinley
Terry Goodkind

- non story/poem entries (or plays, except I've never seen anyone do those for prompts before). That includes...anything that could be classified as spam really. Authors notes are allowed if they're in the same journal entry as the piece you're submitting. Same goes for images and that sort of thing; just please not separate.

Questions? Ask here.